ALPAKA is an international luxury lifestyle brand from Estonia founded in 2007. Our fashion and home collections are made mostly of alpaca fur and wool, sold in 30 countries around the world. Our production strategy is mostly focused on unique custom-made pieces. We use time-honoured craft techniques for our one-of-a-kind fur products, to ensure luxurious, rich and soulful products. The strict regulations set for obtaining the raw materials means that our line of products also consist of limited edition items. Our individual products truly come with the WARMEST OF EMOTIONS. ALPAKA products are smooth and soft as silk, yet incredibly light.

We value uniqueness and presence of divine feelings. We treasure individuality and the beauty of simple pleasures. Just like the touch of an ALPAKA item becoming alive in Your home or interior, where you value quality and sublime comfort. Every item is designed in Estonia, but are produced both in Peru and Estonia.

Products from the brand

  • Long slick cardigan

  • Felted headband

  • Cable sweater

  • Knit vest

  • Volume dress

  • Shawl Exclusive Fishbone

  • Plaid Exclusive

  • Plaid Classic

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