Luxuriate in the natural warmth and beauty of an ALPAKA item and continue a tradition that stretches back thousands of years. Our luxury clothing and homeware, made from the fur and wool of the Peruvian alpaca, is designed with a distinctly Nordic sensibility to bring you timeless luxury and enduring style. We take inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of the Andes, where each of our pieces starts its journey, then combine this with a modern outlook and inventiveness to create singular items that transcend time and place. Founded in 2007, Alpaka products are available in over 30 of the world’s most fashionable destinations.
Our designs cater to real people living real lives. We strive to create beauty that is not seasonal, nor bound to any fashion trend, but is instead timeless, classic and enduring. By providing you with the core, modern essentials you can build your entire life around, we aim to give you luxury you will love indefinitely. Slow down and take a quiet moment to revel in the unrivaled beauty and comfort offered by alpaca fur and wool. Luxurious, durable and extremely rare, the wool and fur of the Andean alpaca are unrivaled by any other natural fibre. The harsh environment that these camelids call home conveniently makes their fleece the single most desirable fibre in the world.

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