It was year 2005 when company founder Eva-Maria was searching for high-quality scented candles to burn during dark winter nights. Finding suitable candles turned out to be harder than expected… She did not want to burn petroleum-based paraffin candles and was constantly disappointed in the aromas of scented candles. The only solution she saw was to get into the exciting world of scented candles herself and learn to make high-quality, clean-burning candles that are true to the promised aroma. She found a suitable alternative to paraffin in natural soy wax and the next step was to find desired aromas. The process of getting the candles exactly right was long and full of nuances. However, it was worth it as in result wonderful smelling and clean burning candles were born that fascinated everyone who had a chance to try them.
Our philosophy - a cosmetic product should be effective, honest, as natural as possible and also offer pleasant emotions. The curious mind led from scented candles to a even more fascinating world of natural cosmetics. Eva-Maria studied about different plants, oils and active ingredients, asked for advice from specialists and so begun the journey that has made JOIK famous for its high quality and effective skincare. All JOIK products are developed and handmade in small batches in Estonia, at our cozy production facility on the outskirts of Tallinn. We do not outsource any of our production and controlling the whole production process from start to finish ensures high quality and freshness of our products. All products are handmade in Estonia - a country of nature . All JOIK products are made in accordance with best manufacturing practices and are never tested on animals.

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