Clothes are part of our daily attire, they embody who we are and what we choose to express. Contemporary wardrobes have evolved over time, as we are evermore globally connected. True luxury can therefore be found in essentials that are both functional and effortlessly elegant.

POHJANHEIMO provides a neat collage of garments that seamlessly transition from day to night whilst striking a fine balance between work and play. The studio proposes a selection of independent, chic and confident elements for modern cosmopolitans. Our underplayed styles do not aspire to overshadow, but instead encourage each individual to call their own shots. Each piece has been developed out of need, following a longstanding sartorial narrative that has been carefully maintained over decades. Elegant, confident and aspirational.

The overall silhouette reflects comfort, agility and empowered luxury. The garments are sharply tailored, geometric, rich in textural interplay and variable in length and volume. For their assembly, Pohjanheimo handpicks only the finest sleek wool, comfy cashmere, soft linen, breezy cotton and lush silk. The collections are part of an ongoing aesthetic dialogue, always carefully in tune with the seasonal shift. Such crafty construction is conducted by hand in the atelier, with respect for traditional techniques and luxury fabrics. Creation flows freely, always from novel, sincere and contemporary perspective. Craftsmanship and supreme comfort are truly united in each design. Pohjanheimo aspires to dress confident explorers who are ready to engage the world with an open spirit.

Products from the brand