6D Advanced perfection eye serum


The texture-changing eye serum smooths, moisturizes, refreshes, cools, fills in lines and wrinkles and eventually tightens even the smallest wrinkles. The cooling and refreshing effect is immediately felt due to Aloe vera, cucumber juice and the high content of an innovative polymers. Niacinamide moisturizes the surface of the skin and soothes it, and low molecular weight of hyaluronic acid provides deep hydration to the skin. There are four different peptides in the serum – some help reduce the puffines that tends to plague us when the elasticity of the skin decreases, others smooth out the lines and increase the tone of the skin, and stimulate the work of the cells. Red algae extract from the Baltic Sea gives an extra touch of smoothness.  Plant based stem cells are one of the best natural keepers of skin elasticity and there are plenty of them in the eye serum. Suitable for everyone with a demanding skin and for those want to experience innovative textures. We believe that with D’DIFFERENCE eye serum, it is possible to revitalize skin, give it back a smooth and soft skin surface, which is complemented by the cooling sensation and a fresh feeling. We dare to say it because of a specially crafted product composition and the feedback from the extensive test group. This product is DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED. It is formulated without fragrance and colorants. VEGAN. Volume 15 ml.

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