KUMMARDUS is a visual story of Estonian design, where creation, nature and tradition meet.

The creations of prominent Estonian designers are more directly or covertly intertwined with inspiration from nature, influenced by the long-term preservation of traditions and the existence of local masters. KUMMARDUS wishes to give honor to every mentioned component through carefully selected emphasis, creating a synergistic whole in a tightly intertwined narrative. Bringing the most relevant Estonian design products with international potential in different seasons to places that are significant for us. In addition to creation and nature, the five collections inspired by the seasons use borrowed motifs about old local stories, color symbolism and folklore, borrowed from traditions, to form a unified story.

The project involves nearly 100 Estonian designers whose work has a clearly recognizable signature style and whose well-established iconic products have left their mark on the Estonian design world and who have shown the potential for international growth. The main focus is on clothing, accessory and home interior designers. During the almost two-year period 2020-2021, five photography sessions will take place in different parts of Estonia, during which design products will be transferred to their heritage environment to create a cultural narrative. The creative director of the photo project is Piret Puppart, photographer Riina Varol, make-up artist Mammu and video clips are created by Robert Parelo.