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Cocooning näopuhastusrätikud


Puuvillast ja orgaanilisest bambusest näopuhastusrätik aitab vabaneda liigsest rasust, meigi- ja SPF toodete jääkidest ja surnud naharakkudest. Näopuhastusrätikut võib kasutada ka koorijate ja maskide eemaldamiseks. Materjal: 50% puuvill 50% orgaaniline bambus


Lisa soovikorvi
Lisa soovikorvi


More than a decade ago a group of biochemists and scientists lead by M.D. Ruth Oltjer, an Estonian doctor of Internal Medicine, began to search for skincare and personal care products that respect skin’s natural defense system and are based on natural ingredients. At first creams and lotions for hospital use were developed and after good results were received on damaged skin (extreme dryness, bedsores, scaling) a full line of sophisticated, quickly absorbing and easy to use products for all skin types was born. “There are so many products in today’s world. We have created a line that is luxurious and sophisticated, absorbs instantly and consists of natural ingredients. From us to You, with love and care.“ Ruth Oltjer, founder of D’DIFFERENCE

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