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Exfoliating facial scrub


A cream-based exfoliating scrub eliminates dead skin cells, stimulates skin renewal and brings out a smoother, younger looking skin. Fine natural origin volcanic rock granules offer thorough yet gentle exfoliation, polish and bring out a clear, smooth and healthy looking skin. Organic shea butter and almond oil nourish, moisturise and prevent moisture loss. Serenoa palm and juniper berry extracts have anti-bacterial properties and help to minimize the visibility of pores. Organic cucumber and apple extracts illuminate and give skin a fresh glow. Regular exfoliation once to twice a week helps skin to renew and regenerate and prepares the skin for better absorbtion of nutritional ingredients from other facial care products. Suitable for all skin types, for extra sensitive skin use with caution. Measures: 75ml (253,33€/1L)

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