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Face-to-face. The Story of the Baltic Exchange


The book accompanying the installation “FACE-TO-FACE: The Story of the Baltic Stock Exchange Building” by Salto architects and artist Neeme Külma provides an overview of the unusual history of the historic Baltic Stock Exchange building in London and its connections with Estonia. Compilers and editors: Triin Ojari, Carl-Dag Lige, Indrek Sirkel Texts: Triin Ojari, Carl-Dag Lige, Sam Jacob, Stuart Burch, Jake MacSiacais, Michael Corr, Heiti Hääl Graphic design: Indrek Sirkel Photo series: Anu Vahtra Language editing: Mari Klein, Refiner Translations: Epp Aareleid, Refiner Publishers: Estonian Museum of Architecture & Reading 2016 Sponsor: Estonian Cultural Endowment Separately in Estonian and English, paperback, 144 pages

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