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Fashion Puzzle is the only game in the world one can design and build clothes with and is created for children with the love for fashion. With Fashion Puzzle one can create skirts and shirts by connecting felt modules and design it as one of a kind piece or by following instruction sheets, just like building with lego blocks. The modules are durable and easily connectžble. Meaning the modules can repietedly be reused to create clothes, every time in a new shape, colour or size. This gives children the possibility to learn to design without the excess waste of fabrics and without the skills of a tailor. There are 100 felt modules included in the box + instruction sheets to help you get started with designing for example your first dress! Size: 100 felt modules in a box Material: polyester felt Care: machine wash 30C

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About the brand

Costume Puzzle is an educational costume building game for children between the ages of 4 and 15. The game consists of differently colored felt modules and an instruction sheet. The felt modules can be easily attached to and detached from one another – just like constructing houses with plastic blocks. You can create costumes by following the instructions in the box or use your imagination to create entirely new ones. The process of creating a costume is often as much fun as playing with one and can unleash creativity you didn’t even know you had.

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