Luminary hand wash 300 ml


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Washing our hands protects us from bacteria and reduces the spread of viruses. A good soap helps to maintain the skin’s natural protective layer and defenses. A good soap does not make the skin dry and it definitely smells good. We know washing hands is a MUST, but we wanted to make it also a WANT, that is why you will find it enriched with golden glitter to make a simple handwash pure pleasure. The ingredients in D´Difference soap are natural and certified. Luminary Hand Wash is free of SLS and SLES substances. Why is it good? SLS and SLES substances create a pleasant foam, but reduce the skin’s natural moisture content. With prolonged use, the skin begins to dry and starts getting scaly and hands become rough. You do not deserve that. We have replaced SLS and SLES substances with betaine and added Aloe vera gel together with water-soluble olive oil to keep your hands soft and smooth after every wash.

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