Mentor Meetings and Workshops

Mentor Meetings and Workshops

Come develop yourself with Tallinn Design House representatives and valued mentors.

Start a new business or expand existing one using advice and recommendations from experts. For this, leave us the name of specific mentor, Your area of interest and suitable meeting times. Write to us using the contact form below or send us an E-mail with the corresponding content:

The price of one hour-long meeting with evaluated specialists starts from 65€+VAT. Paying only a deductible of 30%.

A company has the opportunity to use up to 4 mentoring meetings semianually.

You will find the schedule for Mentoring Programs and Workshops HERE.

Seize the opportunity to grow together with other entrepreneurs, expand Your business network and grow Your business potential. Let’s grow together!

Meet our mentors

We will find You an expert who will support and advise You in the field You are interested in.

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