KUMMARDUS for Estonian design through video art

KUMMARDUS for Estonian design through video art


Tallinn Design House started the KUMMARDUS Project introducing the roots of Estonian design creation.

The poetry of the light and the seasons into which the local design wraps itself in the frame of a photo narration KUMMARDUS is not always possible to catch it just in immobile frames. This is why the company being run by Tallinn Design House is also supported by miraculous video footage.

This is the first time that the domestic design can be taken up as a common conceptual story and in the most powerful places in Estonia. During the summer, forceful places of Southern Estonia were opened to the project, such as Taevaskoda and Setomaa, whose enchanting forest jungles, multicolored sandbanks and the charm of sacred sites became one with nature or picked up by designers’ creation inspired by these places.

The video also proovides an introduction to the stories of succession that accompany the Project, giving hints of both the reflective surfaces that keep in touch with the spirituaal other side and the birds that connect the two worlds – here and there, modern time and the past.

This time in the video one can see the creations of Eve Hanson, Lilli Jahilo, Marit Ilison, Samelin, Adrikorn Artefacts, Tanel Veenre, Claudia Lepik Jewellery and Sigrid Kuusk. In the course of the project, a tribute will be created for each season of the year, which will later be intertwined to a complete year-round under Robert Parelo’s hand.

The project also includes Studio August, Eve Hanson, Lilli Jahilo, Marit Ilison, Marc & André, Samelin, Adrikorn Artefacts, Stella Soomlais, Tanel Veenre, Sigrid Kuusk and Claudia Lepik Jewellery.

Keep your eyes open, because stories about Estonian design in photo and video language will be coming soon!