Can one pair change the world?

Can one pair change the world?


The new Estonian footwear brand KIRA has achieved something unimaginable: the world’s first zero-waste ballet flats made from innovative recycled materials in Tartu.

Like a beautiful Nordic woman, KIRA exudes minimalism, elegance and above all: timelessness. She glides through the untouched bogs and forests with love and grace leaving behind no trace. KIRA doesn’t need much but she yearns for quality. KIRA doesn’t need anything new but a masterful rebirth of the existing.

The upper of the shoe is made of recycled cotton canvas, the footbed is lined with thin felt made of recycled plastic bottles and the outsole is made of recycled tires. The shoes are ultra light, soft, breathable and made with deep passion and care.

The story of KIRA doesn’t just end with the shoes. Designers take back the worn shoes back again, recycle them once more and donate the new pair to a young woman in need. If the shoes cannot be fixed, they are converted into energy.

The shoe design is inspired by the iconic style of Audrey Hepburn reminding us time and again how less is and always will be more – for our own and our environment’s sake.

So yes, one pair can change the world!