Dynamic jewellery by LUMMUS

Dynamic jewellery by LUMMUS


LUMMUS is a designer label launched by the Estonian jewellery producer Eesti Juveel in 2015. Behind Lummus, there are three Estonian top jewellery designers – Krista Lehari, Birgit Skolimowski and Gvido Valickis – who have together created timeless jewellery inspired by Estonian nature, culture and people.

The word “lummus” in Estonian means “enchantment”, “fascination” or “allure” and the core essence of the label is “to notice details around us, that we usually tend to discard, wave aside, neglect”. The creators of Lummus have tenderly raised up the beauty of ordinary objects in Estonian woods and fields, which are so common that we hardly notice them any longer.

All Lummus articles are produced in Estonia from 925 silver, using modern design technologies and traditional craftsmanship.

LUMMUS now available in Tallinn Design House.