Kätlin Kaljuvee and her mythical fashion illustrations

Kätlin Kaljuvee and her mythical fashion illustrations


Kätlin Kaljuvee is an  international artist, living in the middle of the wildlife and forests of Estonia. Transforming the old myths and stories into contemporary fashion illustration, her hand illustrated ink pen and watercolour artworks have been commissioned by the likes of Givenchy,  rOtring, Samsung, as well as by the local presidential and social elite.

She specialises in interpretation of the mythical power of nature and the diverse beauty of life. Inspired by the haunted Estonian forests as well as the wildlife,  her works on silk have the flair of a free spirited soul and bring an airy natural wind of being happy.

Kätlin has said that she would love to stop people for a moment in a time with her works, letting them go timeless adventures through centuries.

Among the owners of her artworks is the legendary Patti Smith, whose music is also a source of inspiration for Kätlin.

Come and enjoy Kätlin Kaljuvee artwork in Tallinn Design House throughout the summer 2017.