5 questions: Why do you love Estonian design, Aljona Eesmaa?

5 questions: Why do you love Estonian design, Aljona Eesmaa?


The founder and editor-in-chief of Portail.ee Aljona Eesmaa values ​​Estonian design and appreciates direct communication with designers.

Why are you buying design in Estonia?
Because we have so many wonderful designers in Estonia, in whose success I want to contribute, and who, incidentally, create objects of my own taste.

What do you envy in the design field?
Most of all, I am fascinated by the work behind the curtains – how products are created, what materials are used, what is the background story of a particular subject. In our small Estonia, the great privilege is that we can go to the designer so close, meet him personally and chat, see how his objects are born.

How much Estonian design can find in your home?
Today I’m proud to say that in every room – in the kitchen, from the garments to the cabinets and in the living room, in the bedroom and in the dining room, in the bathroom, to the interior fittings.

Who is your favorite local fashion designer?
This is one of the more unbiased questions. As I am so surrounded by local design, it’s impossible to mention one favorite (and it would certainly be just one name to be unfair to others). However, I call some favorites, and there is nothing to do – minimalism and pureness continue to fascinate me. So applause on such brands as August, KÄT, Pohjanheimo, NÜÜD Creamics, Ivo Nikkolo, Tanel Veenre Jewelery,  Lentsius, Liisa Soolepp and Kelpman Textile.

Which designer branding is outstanding for you?

Instead of designers, I would like to highlight brands such as the Reval Denim Guild, Valhalla Living, Craftory, but also Wind and OOT-OOT.