5 questions: Why do you love Estonian design, Piret Reinson?

5 questions: Why do you love Estonian design, Piret Reinson?


Enterprise Estonia  marketing manager, Piret Reinson, works with creative people everyday basis and is proud of the work of local designers. 

Why are you buying design in Estonia?
I really like Nordic design and the design of Estonia is undeniably part of the Nordic “design area”. Estonian design is of the same quality and prominent, and of course, I prefer to prefer Estonian design in this case. In addition, there is the opportunity to speak Estonian stories / stories.

How much Estonian design can find in your home?
Frankly speaking, a lot of Estonian design could be found. There is a vase and so on, but in the sense of furniture there is very little design in Estonia. In general, I have a few things at home, I am very practical.

What do you like in the design field?
For each design, a person is in the world with his values. I like to get part from different stories. The whole design process is very inspiring. Thanks to being actively involved in creative industries and design communities, I also get a lot of inspiration and new solutions for my core work.

Who is your favorite local fashion designer?
My favorite is Pohjanheimo for a long time. I like people who do not compromise in their work and always want the best. In the case of Pohjanheim, everyone likes everything from material and paragraph to technical work – all of this is extremely perfectionist. I myself am a person for whom there is a very important development and striving for perfection, in the case of Pohjanheimo, I perceive it the same, he is constantly looking for perfection and daring to take risks, to develop.

Which brand of designer in Estonia has begun to emerge?
I really like Marit Illison’s branding – these lovely black hearts and everything else that goes into it. It all fits perfectly with his creation and the world. It has some special charm and charm. Other people also have good branding, but she has also found this “something” that brings branding to life.