5 questions: Why do you love Estonian design, Silvia Pärmann?

5 questions: Why do you love Estonian design, Silvia Pärmann?


Editor-in-Chief of  local fashion magazine MOOD, highly appreciates the work of local designers,  it can be found from his home and wardrobe. 

Why are you buying Estonian design?
First and foremost, because vvery high quality and beautiful things are made here in Estonia. Secondly, I really like the fact that I know how and where these things were born, their creation and getting stories. And, in fact, I also like the idea that this money will not go away to the accounts of multinational corporations, but it remains for the people I know and whose work I highly appreciate. Thanks to my work, I personally feel almost all the designers whose clothes or jewelry I wear or whose work is in my home. Fortunately, my interest in the design and art of Estonia has also struck friends, for example, every year they are gifting me Birgit Skolimowski jewellery.

What do you the most in the design field?
Designers make our items more aesthetic, functional, and more enjoyable every day. Of course, clothes can also be happy on a cold day simply by giving warmth. I do not need a lot of things, but I like it if all of them are thought out and smile on the face even when looking at them just in passing.

How much Estonian design can we find in your home?
I have many pieces of art, but there is not much of product design. The creation of Estonian designers is very much pleasant to me, in my home the furniture is partly built into the room, partly completed on a special order – and some older and upcoming design classrooms can fit there. Textiles and accessories are also found.

Who is your favorite local fashion designer?
It’s difficult to answer this question with a single name. But as the the editor-in-chief, nobody really thinks that “Satan is wearing Prada”. “Satan” is rather wearing Marit Ilison, Piret Ilves, Iris Janvieri or Reval Denim Guild.

Which local branding you like the most?
I have never really thought about it, the design has come to me through these creators, and I’ve been less thinking about brands. But it seems that in this field I can point out some bigger brand, and of course, jewelry artists.