Anna Litvinova paintings exhibition

Anna Litvinova paintings exhibition


Anna Litvinova paintings exhibition “Vibrations of Color” in Albert IX Gallery, Helsinki.

Iconic movie set turned into a design showroom Tallinn Design House.

Albert IX Gallery is delighted to present the paintings exhibition “Vibrations of Color” by Anna Litvinova which opens on Tuesday, 12 September and will be open until 24 September 2017. The exhibition is one of the largest shows of Anna presenting 33 latest masterpieces.

Anna Litvinova is one of the most recognized contemporary artist of Estonia. The current exhibition celebrates 10 years since the artist’s first trip to Morocco which has become her yearly destination for inspiration and new creations.

Anna Litvinova about her Morocco period: “It has been already 10 years since I visited Morocco for the first time. I did not know then that it will become a tradition for many years to go, which is still ongoing. The main reason for the continuation of this tradition is certainly the feeling I get, every time I meet with this land and at the same time with myself, we surprise and learn each other once again. I was intrigued by the crazy colours of this land and their unexpected combinations. I like to breathe in the delicious air, which is a mixture of different odours – the sea port, perfume of spices from the medina, the antiquity of carpets and wood. Being in the middle of it all, I also become a part of it. And we are united in a wonderful light, all senses open, and my own state changes making me want to share everything I feel, speaking through my paintings. I’m free, I’m curious. Every new place – a street, a market, a harbour – raises once again the desire to paint and express these emotions. There is no need to look for this feeling, it’s already there, I blend into it. I painted children from the local families and was happy for this opportunity, because in this way I got to be close to their normal lives, have felt increasingly profound closeness to the land. During these years I realized that I am like a reporter, who makes a reportage by documenting my stories with the means closest to me – paint and a brush. Sharing my experience through my paintings. The creative process takes place directly in the middle of life, it is passionate, genuine and direct. I hope that the different senses and perceived feelings are reflected in my “documentaries” and part of its strong emotions reaches the heart of the audience.”

In October, a selection of works is also exhibited at Tallinn Design House, Rotermanni 14.

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