What is the scent of Tallinn Design House?

What is the scent of Tallinn Design House?


Since September, Tallinn Design House welcomes all visitors with a specially designed scent. In cooperation with ScentAir, a mild woody spray bottle was developed. It has a rich mahogany, a little grapefruit and delicate vanilla. The fragrance components reflect the design range of wooden furniture items to natural cosmetics and added a delicate dose of luxury.

We offer design through memorable experiences, carefully selected background music and a matching scent. The fragrance influences very strongly how we perceive and appreciate the environments, how long we want to stay in different places, and what emotions our experiences remind us of.

Our ScentAir perfume partner will also pay heed to all aspects of security; from scent raw materials used up to the method of how the smell is sprayed into the environment. ScentAir perfume solutions are used globally in environments where security is critical, such as hospitals, hotels, and other community facilities.

The scent of Tallinn Design House makes the design experience even more memorable.