Designer Enely Kasemets and Vill Vill

Designer Enely Kasemets and Vill Vill


And warm hugs that last a long time. Vill means wool in Estonian. It is warm, breathable and has protected us – Nordic people – from harsh weather conditions for centuries.

Our vill comes from sheep and is spun into yarn in Lithuania. It then travels north, to Estonia, where people passionate about knitting turn it into the warmest of hugs. Our hugs are soft and genuine – hand made from 100% wool, minimalistic and timeless.

Vill Vill is a design studio and a brand of hand knitted woolen garments, founded in 2016. This is a place where talent and skills from a circle of family and friends come together to form a brand. A team of three – a daughter, a mother and a mother in-law – is closely working together and sharing their love for high quality handcrafted garments. The daughter, Eleny, designs the products and leads processes, the mother, Ellen, is a skilled seamstress, and the mother in-law, Reet, is a seasoned professional knitter. We find joy in such cooperation of different generations and this way keeping old traditions alive.

While all Vill Vill  products are made in Estonia, design and marketing happen in Germany.