Jaanus Vahtra and Seasoned Traveler

Jaanus Vahtra and Seasoned Traveler


Seasoned Traveler parkas by Jaanus Vahtra.

Don’t let anything less than natural materials come between precious skin and the harsh world. Because nothing feels, breathes or ages better than natural fibres. This is the perfect travel companion through every season of life.

“It all started at a location shooting. I’ve been a costume designer for several movies and I can say that filming at this latitude is far from Hollywood glam. It’s a real struggle. The temperature hardly rises above 12 degrees Celsius. When watching dozens of takes while standing still and keeping quiet, you can feel the cold creeping in and eating at your flesh and bones. So I started experimenting with different fabrics and layers. It took years until I finally came to a conclusion as to what works and what does not. Going from one location shooting to another I discovered my love for natural fabrics and for a long silhouette. I wanted to design a product that was both functional and elegant. A coat for every occasion. From forest and hiking trail to the streets of a metropolis. Seasoned Traveler is an “all in one” piece in many ways. You can wear it with lining in winter or without lining in spring and autumn. You don’t have to worry about sweating under the first hot sun of spring because of the natural fabric of the shell. In autumn you can wear it just over your t-shirt and still feel warm and comfortable. By adding the lining you can fully enjoy a frosty day that quickly turns into night.”