By Kaire Avi

Bracelet Kameeleon black


Bracelets with multilayered hexagon lace pattern demand with all of their colourfulness a leading role! If you need just one accessory to shine with, then the Kameeleon bracelet is the perfect choice. The ѕelection boasts many different colour combinations so you could find your own ‘just so’! With these bracelets we have made use of extra material left over from larger products. Even shiny products can be made responsibly! The bracelet is packaged in a black cardboard gift box which can later be used as a jewellery box. Material: genuine leather. Metal closures The bracelet’s lining can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth when needed. Size chart (wrist circumfence): XS 15 cm; S 16 cm; M 17 cm; L 18 cm; XL 19 cm.


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